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Skip the salon, get the results.
7 benefits of a salon manicure in 1 bottle.

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Sally Hansen has everything you need to create the perfect manicure at home

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Sally Inspires

1 day ago


ARTSY FANCY #DailyMani from @highchanceofpolish #NOTD #SallyHansenCA

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1 week ago
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2 weeks ago
3 hours ago


@coffeeandnailpolish added a MODERN TWIST (and some SPARKLE) to the original half moon manicure ! We're IN LOVE ❤️ #NOTD #SallyHansenCA

2 weeks ago


Create a REFLECTIVE EFFECT by mimicking the diaphanous organza finish with Satin Glam in #03 Metal Ice, #02 Crystalline and #08 Silk Onyx ! #NOTD #SallyHansenCA

3 weeks ago


A modern twist on Wednesday's FAVOURITE PINK with Miracle Gel in #550 Hunger Flames ! #OMGel #SallyHansenCA